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Sm Systems is now - ISO 9001: Sm SysTems is now ISO 9001 compliant

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Manufacturing of high quality spiral duct, all other ducting, extraction systems and spray booth systems and air-conditioning duct work


Welcome to Sm Systems

Sekunjalo Metals Systems T/A: Sm SysTems, are manufacturers of the highest quality restaurant and kitchen extractor systems and ducting systems. We also supply superior air conditioning as well as general repairs to refrigeration. We have earned a reputation for superior service and high quality, consistently working at building on that standard. Sm SysTems has recently opened a division of manufacturing, supplying and installation  of Spiral Ducting of the highest and generally accepted quality standards.

Quantity production and delivery time is of essence and meet customer expectation especially after deposit is paid. Spiral duct can be manufactured and supplied in a form or insulation or non-insulation, client must clearly indicate upon requesting a quote so that correct products or production can be manufactured.

Construction Industry Development Board (CIBD)
Sm SysTems is an accredited member of the Construction Development Board (based in the East Rand, Gauteng).This is no mean feat, and serves further testament to the quality of service and manufacture that we strictly adhere to.

Large Scale Extractor and Ducting Solutions
Sm SysTems knows that you need prompt service without compromise on quality. Many of our clients are, themselves suppliers and installers of extractor systems and ducting systems to individuals and small chains. We need to give our clients excellent service to enable them to offer their customers the same.

Installation of Systems
Depending on the size of the installation, we offer to install the air conditioning, extractor systems, ducting systems and repairs to general refrigeration.

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Our main objective at Sm SysTems is the delivery of quality service, quality people and a quality product. Our aim is not only meet customer satisfaction but to exceed customer expectations beyond. With our industry-leading kitchen extractor canopies / hood and other general extraction systems, ducting and spiral ducting, in addition to our service levels, this is an objective we are confident we can achieve at the most.

SANS and ISO 9001: 2015 are the books that runs and governs Sm SysTems in terms of quality and compliance regading all our HVAC products we design, fabricate, supply and install. Sm SysTems guarantee of top quality service and it comes with a high level of credibility and our clients, past and present, have found that we always deliver, swiftly and professionally.

Developed in conjunction with management, the standards here at Sm SysTems are continuously reviewed and improved as more of the needs of our clients are brought to our attention. Highlighting our dedication to determining your expectations and consistently aiming higher than them.

It is the responsibility of all our personnel to meet the quality expectations of our clients, a responsibility everyone at Sm SysTems takes very seriously and strives for.

BEE compliance

100% black-owned, Sm SysTems is proudly a South African company, delivering quality products and prompt service to all Africans in and around the continent no matter the colour, creed or gender. Why not try us?. Sm SysTems has qualified staff with a redseal qualification. Sm SysTems is a BEE Level 1 company.

A Few Words from our clients

This is one of the spectacular products by Sm SysTems, well-sealed, well leveled and well installed in Rivonia Mall. It was the first time I got a company like Sm SysTems that could manufacture, supply and installs this kitchen extraction system so clinically well without any bad quality and complain from me and from my client. Sm SysTems is a home of all my products manufacturing, supplying and installation.

I really highly recommend Sm SysTems to anyone in terms of manufacturing, supplying and installing kitchen extraction systems (canopies), ducting, spiral ducting and all other HVAC products that might be required. After site visiting Sm SysTems, I found that Sm SysTems has all the required machines for production including the CNC machine that is why they are speedily on production, short lead-time and the good quality produced and maintained.


I had a good experience of Sm SysTems, upon opening my restaurant Sm SysTems  managed to fabricate, supply and install my kitchen extractor canopy within the required and planned time.

Besides the lead time met, the quality of the unit with filters was exceptional wonderful.  I would recommend Sm SysTems good service to others intending to use their services that their service is so good.

Bafana Nyathi

“Sm SysTems was a great help in supplying my restaurant with extractors and ducts. I was on a tight deadline and had forgotten the extraction systems and ducting until almost the last minute. I needed quick service and, thankfully, the guys at Sm SysTems complied, saving my skin!”

Gert Van der Merwe

“I’d just like to say, thanks guys!! You really helped get things done here in my kitchen and the quality of my new fans and canopies has become more and more clear as I’ve been using them. Thanks again.”

Sibusiso Tshabalala

“Professional service and a pain-free order and delivery process. Thank you Sekunjalo Metals Systems for the quick and easily accomplished results. I’ve dealt with many construction companies before, and wasn’t expecting the swift reaction you guys gave me. Thanks.”

Dumsani Dhlamini

“Sm SysTems is a real class act. I don’t know what else to say really. You did your job and exceeded expectations. Going above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks a lot. I’d recommend you to anyone.I had peace of mind with Sm SysTems, excellent service, good quality products and prompt delivery. Many thanks to Sm SysTems and the wonderful staff. “

Jeremy Prinsloo

Thanks Sm SysTems my customer was very impressed about the quality of the products more especially the leadtime


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