Sm SysTems is now ISO 9001 compliant

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Sekunjalo Metals Systems T/A:  Sm SysTems, are manufacturers of the highest quality
restaurant and kitchen extractor systems and ducting systems. We also supply superior
air conditioning as well as general repairs to refrigeration. We have earned a reputation
for superior service and high quality,consistently working at building on that standard.
Sm SysTems has recently opened a division of manufacturing, supplying and installation
of Spiral Ducting of the highest and generally accepted quality standards.
Quantity production and delivery time is of essence and meet customer expectation
especially afterdeposit is paid. Spiral duct can be manufactured and supplied in a form
or insulation or non-insulation, client must clearly indicate upon requesting a quote so
that correct products or production can be manufactured. 
Construction Industry Development Board (CIBD)
Sm SysTems is an accredited member of the Construction Development Board (based
in the East Rand, Gauteng).This is no mean feat, and serves  further testament to the
quality of service and  manufacture that we strictly adhere to.
Large Scale Extractor and Ducting Solutions
Sm SysTems knows that you need prompt  service without compromise on quality. Many 
of our clients are, themselves suppliers and installers of extractor systems and ducting
systems to individuals and small chains.  We need to give  our clients excellent service
to enable them to offer their customers the same.
Installation of Systems
Depending on the size of the installation, we offer to install the air conditioning,
extractor systems, ducting systems and repairs to general  refrigeration.
Manufacturing of high quality spiral duct, all other
ducting, extraction systems and spray booth
systems and air-conditioning duct work







Normal Ducts & Spiral Ducts

Sm SysTems manufactures a high quality
range of ducting for use in a comprehensive
variety of situations. 

Extractor Fans

Ducting goes hand in hand with the
extractor fans that are connected to
the ducting system to enable the
extraction or supply to materialize. 


Sm SysTems design, manufacture and
install absolute extracting systems
in the industries to ensure that smoke
in the working place is extracted outside.

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           "Professional service and a pain-free order and delivery process. Thank you Sekunjalo Metals Systems for the quick and easily accomplished
           results. I've dealt with many construction companies before, and wasn't expecting the swift reaction you guys gave me. Thanks."
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Sm SysTems is registered as Sekunjalo Metals Systems  And T/A:  Sm SysTems.  Sm SysTems  are fabricators / manufacturers, suppliers and installers of good quality standard HVAC products;  kitchen extractor canopies made in stainless steel, galvanised or in mild steel, all ducting and spiral ducting as per recommended ISO 9001:  2015 & OHSAS:  2011.

Sm SysTems is ISO 9001:  2015 compliant and has earned a profound reputation for its known good service and good quality products in the sheet metal industry as good sheet metal fabricators.

Quality products and lead times are of essence and meet our customers expectation and satisfaction.  All products commence immediately after the deposit and clearing of it thereon.

Spiral ducting can also be manufactured, supplied and installed in a form of internal insulation or no-insulation.  Customers are requested to clearly indicate this upon requesting a quote so that correct products or production can be produced.

kitchen extractor canopies, extractor fans and ducting

"Professional service and a pain-free order and delivery process. Thank you Sm SysTems for the quick and easily accomplished results. I've dealt with many construction companies before, and I wasn't expecting the swift reaction you guys gave me.  Many thanks."
I have dealt with many companies in the field of sheet metal, i have never come across such a good and excellent service received from Sm SysTems.  I always receive my order within the time i specified and the quality is perfect as they use the CNC machine to perfect the quality of the service.  Thank you Sm SysTems i will never acquire another company for my products for sure.
I have been with another sheet metal company they spoke so very bad about you and latter i decided to come to your premises to witness what was said.  I was suprised to receive the level of good and excellent service .  i received my order on time and in good quality expectation.  i really found a permanent home, you always get good customer service, good machines.  i am able to get all my ducting, spiral ducting , kitchen extractor canopies, fans, attenuators and many within the lead time moreover in good quality..  i recommend Sm SysTems to anyone  without fear or favour.
I would like to thank Sm SysTems for manufacturing, supplying and installing my spiral ducting and kitchen extractor  canopies at a Spar in Rustenburg.  My customer was so happy about the leadtime, quality of producting and quality of installation.  This has given my company a good and positive name.  I really thank you guys.and to Phillip, the MD of the company he is informed and has advised us so much to get this job good and a success.