Sekunjalo Metals Systems


Industrial Extracting Systems

Sm SysTems design, manufacture and install absolute extracting systems in the industries to ensure that smoke in the working place is extracted outside.

Areas of concentration are:

  • Welding areas
  • Spray booth areas
  • Hot areas, either to take air in and out of the working area.

Our systems assist industries in the great deal by all means in terms of health and safety compliance standards.

Carbon Filters

Industrial Extracting System: Fitting In Action

Designed Industrial Extracting System: Welding Area

Industrial Extraction and Supply Systems

Absolute Smoke Extracting System

Fans and Ventilation


Cyclones – Dust Control Systems

The cyclones are designed and manufactured, welded, transported and installed by Sm SysTems. Cyclones are solely ideal for containing dust particle or sawdust generated by the machine inside the factories to outside the factory.

The dust is centralized through the cyclone and complies with OHS Act that is gazetted by the government. Sm SysTems designs the whole extraction system with ducting and the extractor fan that pulls the dust particles through the duct into the cyclone, this is the factory’s absolute dust control system